By David Blake, PT NYC Coach

We all start our business with an idealized concept.  It's that perfect vision we offer to the world as a reflection of our core values and ideas.  Then it all goes downhill.  To be viable it needs a tweak here, a tuck there and suddenly we realize we are looking at a different vision and business than when we started.  Often, we now find ourselves with a business which may not fully fit who we are and our core values and passions.

So what to do?  It's a tough emotional choice; and yes, I think this is a emotional choice rather than a analytical choice.  There's a relevant question surprisingly few think to answer:  Is the viable business the business for me?  Is my current lifestyle, interests, relationship status, job and financial status compatible with the business - and if not am I willing to change my priorities to fit the needs of the business? 

Ignoring this question often leads to the business owner who feels obligated to try for a viable business they aren't passionate about and/or can't fully commit to due to sunk costs in time, energy and money.  Instead, they hope to eventually fall in love with it or have circumstances magically change to where it's a better fit with their lifestyle. Yes, it could be a fairy-book ending, but there's always that evil witch lurking in the shadows.  

So what happens if you ask the question and realize your viable business is a great business, but a business for someone else.  That's wonderful!  You've just saved yourself months of pain and frustration.  Now you are free to think up a new idea that's even better than your original idea AND a viable business to boot!       

To conclude, it's important to constantly ask yourself, especially in the early stages of idea creation and market research, if the viable business is the business for you.  If not, there's no shame in going in a different direction.  Feel no obligation to others, feel no shame about changing gears - it's your life and you'll have to live it.  Live it well!

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