Audio Files

All the audio files listed here are used with appropriate permission. We thank all of the ministries and all of the people who allowed us to use this material.

Belleview Community Chapel 9/16/01 service
with pastor Gary Dickinson. Belleview Community Chapel is in Westminster, Colorado and meets on the campus of Belleview Christian Schools.

Northwest Chapel 9/16/01 service
with pastors Terry Hofecker and Martin Guerena. Northwest Chapel is in Dublin, Ohio.

Back to the Bible 9/12/01 radio broadcast
with Dr. Woodrow Kroll. From the Back to the Bible radio ministry.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa 9/11/01 service
with Chuck Smith, pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and speaker on The Word for Today radio broadcast.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa 9/16/01 service
with Pastor Chuck Smith.

Radio spots
produced for Ambassador Advertising for airing around 9/11/02.

9/11/02 radio interview
with Phyllis Weimer, a former airline stewardess who served some 9/11 terrorists on a flight just a few days before 9/11/01. Denise Washington Blomberg conducted the interview for AM 91 The Point of Faith which serves the Denver, Colorado area.