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September 11

by Cheryl L Jestis

I wonder how they started that day
A working father flying home
A family vacation -- off to play
Or a child traveling alone

A tour atop that massive tower
Or a first day on the job
A conference, a struggle for power
Or late to work, oh dear God

Some saw it coming, their final fate
"I love you," their one last call
Lives were hijacked by evil and hate
Now life has changed for us all

Mighty towers reduced to rubble
Human bodies burned to ash
Friends and family tearfully huddle
Seeking answers... afraid to ask

In their agony, horror is spoken
We hear it within our hearts
Buildings and families are broken
Lives and bodies, torn apart

Our country is shaken at it's core
Life, liberty, happiness' pursuit
Freedoms lived and died for
Attacked by terrorist recruits

In America's grief and mourning
Quiet anger turns to wrath
Al-Qaeda, hear our deadly warning
Bin-Laden, cover your back

It's true, we're a peace loving nation
But you've forced us to a war
A fierce and grave retaliation
Until terrorism lives no more

Copyright 2001 Cheryl L Jestis