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A God Like You

by Cheryl L Jestis

You're the righteous holy controller of the universe
I'm just a sinner, deserving death or even worse
So how can a God like You love a sinner like me?
How could Your infinite grace mean freedom to me?

As I learn of Your life, Your death, and Your ressurection
I begin to grasp Your complete sovereign perfection
The more I know You, Lord, the more I begin to see
Your amazing grace is the only hope for me

Oh, mighty King, You are closer than a brother
In spirit and in truth, I'll bow before no other
You've given me life, free, abundant, and true
In effort to thank You, I'm living just for You

You are the one true creator and You've called me by name
And when I met You, I knew I'd never be the same
But, how could holy perfection reach someone like me?
I'm not worthy, but still, You died to set me free

Even as I trust You, I still can't seem to understand
How a God like You could love the sinner that I am
Nailed to a cross, You paid the cost for all of my sins
I'll surrender my life and serve You to the end

2000 Cheryl L Jestis