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Almost Like Nothing at All

by Cheryl L Jestis

Lord, why do you seem so far away?
It's almost like I can't see you at all.
Why do I attempt this awful charade?
It's almost like I'm afraid of your call.

Why is life so lonely these days?
It's almost like I shut everyone out.
Why do I attempt this empty charade?
It's almost like faith turned to doubt.

Why does everything hurt so much?
It's almost like pain's my only friend.
Must I continue this miserable charade?
It's almost like the hurt will never end.

Why was I so misjudged by my friend?
It's almost like she never knew me at all.
But why am I living this stupid charade?
Lord, turn me back to your call.

I want to be close, but I'm so far away
It's almost like I've drifted too long
I want to come home but I still turn away
It's almost like I just don't belong

Wounded and bleeding, I need you so much
I don't deserve you, but I sure need your touch
Carry me back, or I'm nothing at all.

Bring me back or I'm nothing at all.
Life as I live it is so much less
Than it should be, so I confess
It's almost like I'm nothing at all.

I want to hear you, see you, feel you
I want to touch you, smell you, love you
I remember the days when you were so real
I need your touch again right now and here.

Holy Spirit, save me from this prison cell
Tear down the walls I've put around my heart.
Destroy them Lord, and save me from myself
Help me forgive, Lord, soften this angry heart

copyright 2001 Cheryl Jestis