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Amanda's Prayer

by Cheryl L Jestis

Father, thank You for the life You're knitting within the fabric of me
I'm so grateful just knowing this child is the work of Your hand
Once before You began a life in me that ended before it was seen
You're the God of all wisdom, so I won't pretend to understand
Why it happened that way, but, I will trust Your perfect plan

Your Holy Word reminds me to be still and to know who You are
And that during this life, I will suffer all kinds of grief for a while
As I trust You even in sorrow, my faith is growing stronger by far
More precious than silver or gold, real faith is refined in the trials
And brings praise, honor and glory to You, my Lord, all the while

Oh, Lord, don't let the sadness behind, steal the joy of right now
I already dream of holding Your sweet miracle in my hands
You've created a precious new life and You chose me somehow
To become exactly the mother this young life will demand
As we walk and talk all my days I'll teach him Your commands

Words can't tell the depth of my gratitude or the extent of my awe
Just knowing You chose me to carry this child is such an honor
I humbly accept this holy risk, with faith in Christ, the Lord of all
In grief behind, or joy ahead I'll trust only in You, God, my Father
By grace, through faith, oh Lord, lead me to be a Godly mother

Father, why does it have to be this way? I don't understand
Was it really Your plan, once again to take my unborn child away?
The grief is relentless, yet somehow, You give me strength to stand
God, how can faith ever be refined in the heartache I carry today?
Lord, I have more questions than answers, so help me, I pray

Lord, help me to trust You even when I see nothing worthwhile
In the struggle, the pain, the agony and the grief that I feel
I know they're your children, though I carried them for awhile
Lord, please hold me and wipe my tears and someday reveal
Your purpose in such short-lived joy and the sadness so real

2000 Cheryl L Jestis