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Better Be Believing

by Cheryl L Jestis

We love her so much but we're losing her, we fear
Mom, wife, grandma and friend, stay here with us
We miss you, we love you, we need you right here
But if you go, at least we know you'll go with Jesus

Lord, we don't understand the workings of your hand
We cannot fathom your mind, your will or your times
We're looking for a purpose in this sovereign plan
Our search appears hopeless, our blessings disguised

Our hearts are heavy with questions unrequited
Consumed by fierce emotion, our spirits are spent
Your solace eludes us, though thirstily invited
We continually cry, that your mercy be sent

We know that you love us and created us each
We cry out for comfort to end the crushing despair
Hungry for your spirit, we stretch and we reach
So, rain down and touch us, remind us of your care

Because our life is so fleeting, we better be believing
Our God is our Shelter, our rock and our best friend
He loves us completely, and weeps as we're grieving
He's the God of new beginnings and hope without end

2001 Cheryl Jestis