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Can These Bones Live?

by Cheryl L Jestis

It's an out of body kind of time
I'm all numb and it's just like I'm
somewhere else and nothing is real
What should I think How should I feel

My mom is gone and dad's finally moving on
I'm glad for his new love, but sure miss my mom
And to think, Dad with a teenage son again, wow
I guess they'll make it through, but I don't know how

It seems like I'm less than I should be at every turn
At home, as a wife, as a mom and even at church
As a friend, or as a servant of my King
I don't quite feel adequate for anything

I whine and complain till even I can't stand myself
I want to be different but I've just got nothing left
If it wasn't for my kids, I'd run away and hide
That wouldn't help either cause, my trouble's inside

Oh I don't know how I get into such a state
I wonder if anyone else could ever relate
I've been imprisoned by my own mistakes
Does anyone see the toll that it takes

You say have faith and be humble before God
Faith & humility, the combination seems odd
I could sure use more faith, but humility, I thought
Was one of the lessons that I'd been well taught

But of course, I was wrong about that too
You sure don't need me the way I need you
To do the works that you've called me to
You can use anyone who will just let you

God, I'm humble, I'm broken I've got nothing left to give
All I have left is peices of me, can these bones live?
All I am isn't that much, but it's totally yours
I can't help but wonder, when is due time, Lord?

2000 Cheryl L Jestis