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Close to You

by Cheryl L Jestis

Oh Lord, I want to be close to you
Holy Spirit will you take me there
There is nothing else I'd rather do
You are glorious beyond compare

My Jesus, wrap your arms around me
I need the warmth of your touch again
There is nowhere else I'd rather be
Bring me closer than I've ever been

Oh God, I need to hear your whisper
Holy Spirit will you meet me here
In your presence, I pause to listen
It's the sound of Glory, that I hear

When you tell me you love me
I know that it's true
When you say I'm forgiven
For wrong that I do
When you hold me so closely
I know I'll get through
When I say that I'm livin'
I'm livin' for You!

2001 Cheryl L Jestis