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by Cheryl L Jestis

Emily, do you know just how much we love you?
Emily, do you know we'd give our lives for you?
Emily, do you know our Holy God who loves you too?
Emily, do you know He sent his son to die for you?
Emily, do you know He's got a plan just for you?

Thank you Lord for our precious child
Through her newborn face an angel smiled
In the wonder of this brand new creation
We see your glory and your imagination

You're Lord of all and our great savior
We know we don't deserve your favor
But help us make our house your home
So your grace through faith will be known

Help us to be more like you, so she will see it too.
Fill her with your spirit so she'll be more like you.
Give her grace and lead her where she should go
Help her follow closely so her faith will show.

Lord hear our prayer, be so real to this child
that she'll stay close to you when friends run wild
She'll seek your face and know your clear voice
She'll turst in grace and make the right choice.

God we pray for the man she'll marry
Make him big and tall and hairy!
No, really Lord, let him be a Godly Man
Who will lead His home and seek your plan.

2000 Cheryl L Jestis