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Father of Grace

by Cheryl L Jestis

You're the Master of love, my Father of grace
You're so quick to forgive all my worldly ways
You're the builder of hope, and author of salvation
You're building me a perfect eternal destination

Your mercy brings peace, and Your grace builds my faith
Lord, help me be committed to growing in grace
Father, forgive me for being so slow to see
That I must forgive as you've forgiven me

You are a just holy God, the one righteous king
You took the wages I have earned through my sin
The wages were death, but still, you paid the cost
And you love me so much you endured the cross

I'm still a sinner, but, by grace I am redeemed
Help me show mercy and help me to believe
Your grace is sufficient to help me forgive
Failure and forgiveness, by your grace I will live

My, Father of Grace you've freed me before
Oh, Master of Love come free me once more
I've failed you again but still you set me free
I couldn't earn the freedom you've given me

You've offered me Grace, help me offer it too
Help me love and forgive and be more like you
Oh, Father of Grace I'll praise you and sing
You are a just holy God, most merciful King

Copyright 2000 Cheryl Jestis