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First Things First

by Cheryl L Jestis

Lord, I want to rely on you faithfully
Don't let me depend on friends too heavily
In all I do, remind me to look first to you
Not to friends, not even one who seeks you too

I want to know that I'm hearing you clearly
Not filtered sounds, even from one I love dearly
I'm so thankful for a friend who cares for me
And grateful for how she's always there for me

So when I've heard from you in situations
Thanks for this friend who's a continuation
Of your perfect love and concern for me
Help me be as much to her as she is to me

Help us to have a friendship that's inclusive
An open circle to others. . . not exclusive
When I make mistakes, in what I say or do
Convince and convict me to get right with you

Heaven forbid, that I would ever refuse
To repent or continue to abuse
This gift you gave me, but if I ever do
End the friendship before I bring grief to you

You know my heart, I strive to please you, Lord
Your pleasure alone would be enough reward
But I know that you long to bless me even more
That's one of the many things this friend is for

So thank you for giving me faith to believe
That trust is a gift I can still give and receive
Thanks for what you've already done in us both
In this time of wonder and spiritual growth

This friendship you gave us, we give it back to you
Make us what you want, our goal is pleasing you
Use us for your good, use us for your glory
Thanks for our own part of your eternal story

copyright 2000 Cheryl L Jestis