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Friend of the Heart

by Cheryl L Jestis

Lord, I don't want to play games with you
I don't know how to handle this thing with Sue
I love this friend, yet things are so far from right
I sought your face, you searched my heart all night

I stand in your presence with a heart that is pure
Somehow, things with her aren't nearly as sure
She is so wrong about me and this you know
I don't know her thoughts, she won't let them show
I wish we could talk but she simply won't hear
I wish I could see her but she won't let me near

My choice is to love, trust and give her some space
And where she's wronged me, extend her your grace
Though she's sure she's right, and doesn't see that need

I pray as she seeks you, she will begin to believe
It's okay to be needed, it's no sin to need a friend
The need for a friend is nothing to fear
It's part of your plan for making them dear

Lord I don't know if we'll ever again be close
But, forgive us our sins, they've hurt YOU the most
Even if we never return or make a fresh start
Lord, please grant us each a friend of our heart

One who loves you more than any other
One who's willing to be closer than a brother
One with faith enough to need and be needed
But knows it's your word to be heeded
Lord if it is your will, please let both of us see
For me that friend is her, and for her it is me

copyright 2001 Cheryl L Jestis