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Give Up Your Fear

by Cheryl L Jestis

The Lord knows all about your hurts and fears
He's your best friend. He sees your silent tears
His plan for you holds hope and a future
Search and you'll find in Him, love and nurture

Give up your fear, this is where faith begins
You're not an island! You need some good friends
Who share with you a vision and a purpose
Whose lives are devoted to Christian service

Give up your fear, He'll turn your loss to gain
Grow up and trust, He'll bring joy from your pain
You'll get hurt again, but don't be so scared
He gave you His Spirit, your pain will be shared

You'll hurt others too, so don't be surprised
When you see their pain you must realize
You're still a sinner and still need His grace
So make it right, and always seek His face

Give up your fear. Live, love, laugh, work, and play
You go nowhere by chance, so trust and pray
You'll see his purpose and welcome His will
Hear and obey Him then wait and be still

Give up your fear, and trust the Great I am
It won't be easy, but it's part of His plan
So move on ahead, and give up the past
Be devoted to the things that will last

Give up your fear, it is holding you back
You know the course, so get on the right track
No eye has seen, no mind has ever guessed
The prize that awaits you. . . the best of the best

copyright 2000 Cheryl L Jestis