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Gone But Not Forgotten

by Cheryl L Jestis

Through the years you were there
Laughter and tears and love beyond compare
Friends forever; that's what we thought
Then everything changed, but still we fought
To hold on to friendship we'd held so dear
It's not every day one comes so near.

It seemed so precious, so good, so right
A friend to listen even if it meant all night.
One who knew me well and loved me still
Who'd walk beside me up every rocky hill.
One who knew my strengths and what I could be
You showed them to me and helped me see

That I was more than I'd believed.
And you stood beside me while I grieved,
Right there you were, closer than a brother
As day by day, slowly -- I lost my mother.
I praised my God for a friend so true,
I thanked him so many times for you.

Then I changed, I learned and I grew
It went so fast, I guess it cost me you.
A friendship gone, but not forgotten,
A love so real can never be forgotten.
I wish you could see and know me now.
You wouldn't believe, couldn't conceive how

God has brought me and shown me just who
He wants me to be! But wait, --it was you
Who saw, way back then, what I might be
If I ever let God really get hold of me.
Thank you Sandy, for being my friend.
I'm still saddened and sorry it had to end.

I wish you knew, believed and understood
How much it hurts me too, I wish you could,
But I guess that's old news and God has a plan.
He's healing us and loving us like only he can.
It's been a rough road and we knew from the start
When you get that close you risk a broken heart.

After all the hurt and anger and growth,
With all that I am, I long for you to know
I'm not angry and distant, my heart is near.
And I miss you, my friend, but my place is here.
Just wanted to write you and tell you I treasure
The memory of my buddy way beyond measure.

copyright 1998 Cheryl L Jestis