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Humbled Again

by Cheryl L Jestis

Lord, I don't know what you're doing
I can't seem to find your hand
The dreams that I'm pursuing
Slip away like hour glass sand

I thought I already knew
You don't need me like I need you
To do the things You've led me to
But now I truly see it's all about You

Humbled again by your spirit
You scold my pride and I hear it
Your Justice Lord, how I fear it
But grace enables me to clear it

I've been so prideful and so slow to see
I don't deserve what you're doing in me
It cost You much more than I could conceive
And all You ask is that I follow and believe

You show me again that I'm rather small
In fact, outside of you, I'm nothing at all
O' Lord have mercy on me, hear my call
Let me serve you, Lord, or I'm nothing at all

copyright 2000 Cheryl L Jestis