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David Dean 2001

LORD, I prepare to go to work today.
It has been a good weekend.
You have allowed me to serve as your spokesman to two churches.
Thank you for that privilege.
Clear my mind and purify my heart for the
Work, labor, and perseverance ahead.
I do want to obey your will.
I do want to know you more intimately.
I do surrender my will to Thy will.
Use me to encourage and equip others, Lord.
Protect me from involvements which deflect me from
Your Mission!

I pray for all who come to serve.
For all pastors as they come and go!
For our sons as they move through life.
For all family members at large.
For all my co-workers.

I thank you for health and a happy heart.
I thank you for Your Grace.
May my conversation today be full of
Grace and seasoned with salt.
Give me a vision for You!
Give me the courage to share it with others.
Give us all the will to persevere.

I pray for our president as he senses a call to the
Mission before him against the
Evil of terrorism.
We are all victims of history.
We all have been called to serve in a tough time.
By your grace I happen to be in
New York City
At this time.
Use me.
Use us all,
As you will.
And we will give You
All the glory!