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Samantha and Harry
© 2002 Lisa Chilson-Rose

*Harry and *Samantha were a pretty average couple. They lived in a bedroom community east of New York City. Harry commuted every day to New York to his office on the 105th floor at Cantor Fitzgerald. They had three kids all under the age of 10 and enjoyed their weekends together. Even his twin brother and his family lived just down the street and although not rich, they were comfortable. Life seemed pretty good. The favorite family time were summers when they went on vacations together. Harry loved his kids and pretty much took over watching the kids when he came home at night. He loved on and played with the kids all the time.

Then, September 11 happened. They got the news pretty soon after that day that Harry's floor had been hit by the plane and most likely wouldn't find his body. Samantha was in shock. Family members searched hospitals all over the city for him. The knowledge sank in finally that he had been killed and so they moved on with a memorial service. Samantha needed support and that is when a member of a MNYBA church who lived on her block began to reach out and let others know of the family's need. MNYBA sent money from Disaster Funds to help with expenses, a church in GA has committed to helping on a monthly basis and toys were delivered to her door for Christmas. A lady in GA even made quilts for the kids for winter and a scholarship fund has been set up for them…all because of one woman's reaching out to her neighbor.

Most of all, more than money, this MNYBA lady has been there on a daily basis for this shattered family. Samantha is still grieving as she depended on her husband deeply and feels overwhelmed right now. The kids are having a hard time with losing their dad and don't understand it all. They are all having trouble sleeping still. It feels to Samantha like her whole world has been shattered.

All of the volunteers love and compassion has meant a lot to Samantha and she and her family even attended a MNYBA church at Easter. Our hope is that all the Christians that have surrounded her will be able to show her Gods Love and His Peace and Healing.

Things to pray for:

*not their real names