Emu Oil

Emu oil refers to a unique type of oil that is made from the fats of an emu. This type of oil originated from the Aborigan clan and is believed to have existed for more than 70000 years. The oil is highly nutritious hence an increased demand, which has made it spread to several countries worldwide. An Emu scientifically known as Dromaius novaehollandiae is a type of bird that is flightless and native to Australia with similar traits to an ostrich.

The Emu oils are obtained from the adipose tissue of the birds, and they are usually yellowish. After manufacture, the texture of oil usually changes and varies from a range of cream white to yellow, but this depends on the type of diets fed to the birds.

The process of processing the Emu oils

After extraction from the Adipose tissue, the Emu oil is channelled to several filters (set within a given range of temperature) whose function is to reduce the amounts of contaminants and Bacteria. The importance of this particular stage is to ensure that the color and stability of the oils are maintained as the color in the Emu oil industry is the determinant of a top grade or low-quality oil. The second stage is known as the physical refining process and is widely known as the bridging process in the refinement industry. In this stage, the impurities of oil are extracted, after which the oil is purified to extract the odor available, thus rendering it odorless. This process usually is free of chemicals since the Emu oils contain small amounts of soaps due to the availability of long-chain fatty acids in oils. The last stage is known as the Good Manufacturing Process, whereby the oils are carefully handled to produce a final creamy substance that is intact and doesn’t separate.

Uses of Emu oil

  • It can be used as a topical treatment.
  • When mixed with creams and lotions, the Emu oils increases the rate of absorption of ingredients by the skin.
  • It can be taken as an oral supplement in the cases of inflammation.

Advantages of using Emu oils

  • The Emu oils are made up of natural ingredients
  • It’s effective for use for several skin conditions.
  • They are medically safe for use for allergies.
  • It is an exclusive moisturizer hence improves the hydration of the skin.
  • It increases the production of collagen, which helps in keeping the skin elastic, plump, and eradication of wrinkles.

Effects of Emu oils

  • They may lead to vomiting and nausea when applied over a long period.
  • Although they have a positive effect when it comes to the healing process, they are also known to lower the speed of healing, especially during the inflammatory stages.

How to ensure the Emu oil purchased is up to standard and safe.

1. By checking the grade

The AEA established the grading system, and according to the body: Grade A is fully refined, Grade B is refined once, and Grade C is crude. Hence it’s advised to ensure the grade of oil is A

2. Checking the color and smell

The refined oil up to the standards required should be bright yellow

3. Ensuring the oil is organic.

Always opt for brands that are certified organic and avoid intermediary manufactures.

4. Avoid purchasing oils with added ingredients.

The added ingredients can be irritating to the skin; hence one should opt for the brands labeled “pure.”

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