What’s With All The Buzz on Emu Oil Usage?

Holistic people have recently shifted their focus into emu oil usage. For those who are not aware of the existence of emu oil, it is made from the body fat of emus. Emus are birds that resemble ostriches, and they are mostly found in Australia. Australian farmers rear these birds for their body fat, meat, and skin, which can be made into the leather material.

One of the amazing benefits of using emu oil is that it can penetrate deeply into one’s skin and carry along with its other important compounds, such as oleic, linoleic, and palmitic acids. People are usually advised to apply their moisturizers along with it as their moisturizer’s ingredients would be taken deeply into the skin surface; hence they would be able to accrue maximum benefits from their own moisturizers.

Although it can be mixed with other moisturizers, one may decide to use it as a sole moisturizer. Dermatologists recommend the usage of emu oil as an occlusive moisturizer because it prevents the loss of water from the skin and thus keeps it hydrated. Additionally, people suffering from dermatitis and eczema are also pre-approved by dermatologists to use the oil despite their skin sensitivity. This is because emu-oil is irritant-free.

Emu oil can be taken in the form of oral capsules to assist obese people in losing weight. Though no one is negating the role of exercise and calorie restriction in weight loss, taking emu oil does assist in reducing obesity due to the fatty acids present in it.
Incidentally, a research conducted in 2015, proved that emu oil helps to prevent skin aging. Oxidative stress is the leading cause of the appearance of wrinkles on one’s face. Since emu oil has antioxidant properties, it can remove any wrinkles produced as a result of the process mentioned above. Additionally, emu oil positively affects the production of collagen, which is a compound that helps in keeping the skin plump, elastic, and wrinkle-free.

Intake of emu oil aids in the health maintenance of one’s digestive system, the fatty acids present in it has anti-inflammatory properties that help people ailing from different gastrointestinal diseases. Also, the fatty acid properties help in the movement and absorption of food nutrients; hence one’s gut is in the best shape once they consider taking emu oil capsules. arti nama
Mixing emu oil with creams meant for improving wounds and scars help in healing wounds faster. Since linoleic acid is one of the fatty acids present in emu oil, the wounded areas are more likely to experience an increment in their hair follicles. It has also been found out that linoleic acid protects the scarred areas from damage and infection.

Nursing mothers can benefit from the usage of emu oil as it reduces nipple sensitivity by hydrating and making them supple. By doing this, the mothers won’t experience any pain or trauma while they breastfeed. Even though emu oil doesn’t affect the temperature and pH of the areola, there is still no evidence on its safety for children’s usage; hence nursing mothers are advised to wipe their breasts using warm cloth after using it. Other benefits of emu oil usage include promoting the growth of hair and nails and also acts as an insect repellent.

Anyone considering to use emu oil should always remember not to supplement emu oil for an actual medication.

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